Cancelling SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club

After about one year of membership, I’ve decided to cancel my SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club. Why? Because, getting these $50 refunds for airline lounge day passes has really become a nuissance. I just rather sit in the terminal next time and enjoy my Dell Mini. Honestly? I will kind of miss that lousy Delta SkyClub at Chicago O’Hare’s Terminal 2.

Still, purchasing a $50 day pass and then having to mail receipts is easy enough! So why am I cancelling? Well, aside from having to wait 8-10 weeks for a reimbursement check, I now have to keep calling various customer service numbers which may or may not transfer me to the correct department. Plus, next year’s membership fee is $199. I’m done…

In the past, I would recommend this membership option for accessing additional lounges, but now I say- just skip it. Stick only to your Club membership or get another one. Besides, with my US Airways Club option now offering United and Continental lounges, I’m literally covered in a lot of places!

Have a nice clicK life,


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